Hey, Ruger here.  We had a super hot weekend here a few days ago.  So of course, my people decided it would be a good time to participate in a Dachshund Field Trial.  That’s where the humans stand around beating the bushes with sticks to force the bunnies to run out.  Then two of us are placed on the scent line and have to track the rabbit.  This is the look I gave dad when he said “Find the bunny.”


Basically the trial was for the field champions (Elektra & Cedar) and Hermione.  They took me along and entered me as the token boy – they never seem to have enough boys and you need 6 for a legal class.  Do you know what it’s like to be a token?  Mirriam-Webster says a token is:
– included in a group only to prevent criticism that people Dachshunds of a particular kind gender are being unfairly left out, or
– done or given as a token especially in partial fulfillment of an obligation or engagement.
I was under the impression I was more like The Highlander – “There can be only ONE!”  Oh well, rude awakening.  And BTW it was like show weekend all over.  Again I did a lot of this.

Because it was super hot (90+), mom and dad worked extra hard to keep us cool with chill wraps and lots of water.



We had to cover mass quantities of ground in our search for bunnies.  Did you know that the Pacific Rim Institute is 175 acres.  That’s a lot of rabbit habitat and because of the heat, they were all in their hidey holes.  Lucky for me dad carried me in the front pack.


By Sunday we were so hot and tired, we got to use the tractor to make noise so the bunnies would run out of the piles of brush.  It’s sort of like fishing with dynamite, only way safer and nobody gets hurt.


In the end I guess I did pretty good for a 7.5 month old pup because I placed 5th on Saturday and 4th on Sunday.  Mom said she wasn’t sure if it was because I was doing a good job hunting or if the boys in my class were more clueless than I was.  Either way, I got some field points.  Yay!  Sorry the picture is so out of focus.  Mom was pretty excited.


Well, gotta run get ready for dinner.
Later dudes.