Today Was A Fairytale

Well today started off like most show days – up early, quick breakfast and then this.
specialty1But the ending of this fairytale was a bit different.  We met a wonderful judge named Nancy Bodine from Virginia.  She really loved me and gave me the win in the boy’s class.  Then she gave Rose the winner of the girl class.  Mom was so excited but it wasn’t over yet.  The judge had to see both of us again.  She said she could see that I was Rose’s son but loved the way Rose moved a bit better.  I know I have her eyes, but I keep waiting to get my dad’s handsomeness and smooth movement.  Mom says she hopes I will stop being a puppy some day, but hey that’s the fun part.  Like the hemorrhage I almost gave her after my bath on Wednesday.  I just had this urge after to go outside and dig in the dirt.  I thought she was going to have an aneurism the way she rushed me back inside and cleaned me off again.  It could have been worse – at least I didn’t roll in it.  Staying clean is the hardest part of being a show dog.

Well cutting things short because we go back to the show tomorrow and see if we can have a repeat of this.  Wish us luck.
rose-ruger-all-houndsd1We worked really hard and it was hot so when we got home we did a bunch of this.


Later, dudes.

Showing Off

This last weekend was hugely celebrated across America as a day of independence – for dogs it was all about the shows.  Mom took Rose (my dog mom) and I all the way down to Olympia for the Cascade Dachshund Club Specialty show.  That meant all Dachshunds all the time.  This was my second time staying in a hotel.  When we exited our room early Saturday morning to go potty, I saw this monster.


I have no idea what it was, but it scared me enough that I had to voice loudly in defense of my little pack.  The blurriness is due to me trying to run from it while mom was taking the photo.  We spent most of our time waiting for our turn in the ring so we did a lot of this.


When we weren’t doing this there was quiet time spent in our hotel room.  Rose mostly kept mom company on the bed.  While I kept busy on the sofa.



Once on Sunday morning I almost made my escape with the end of the toilet paper.  My mistake was attempting to snag the lovely papery stuff while mom was standing in front of the bathroom mirror primping.  Needless to say I got busted so was unable to inflict much damage.


All in all it was a pretty good weekend.  The judge on Sunday gave me second place out of 5 entries even though I was very naughty.  There aren’t any pictures from the show because mom was on the end of the leash.  We got lucky that mom’s friend Dee Dee Murry came by to watch and took some great shots and you may see some of those on our Cedarcroft blog later.  Well gotta run.  As usual, it’s dinner time.


So You Want To Be A Show Dog

Hey, Ruger here.

Have you ever wondered about those dogs that prance around at the Westminster Dog show?  Apparently it’s a big deal to be a show dog.  Little did I know what I was in fruger-clippersor when we went forward with this.  First of all there is the grooming.  That’s what happens when you are born into an entire household of girls.  You get stuck with the pink clippers.  If the shaving of neck, paw and ear hair isn’t enough, there’s the bath that follows.  Stuck in a deep sink with nobody to pull yoruger-tubu out and have loads of water and froo froo soap poured on your beautiful manly fur.  You would think this look would get a small defenseless pup out of this predicament – it doesn’t work.

The hair dryer is the worst.  It’s like being stuck in the turbine testing hanger over at Whidbey Island Naval Air Station.  I tried to hide in the corner on a pile of dog towels, but mom found me.  Oh well.

The cool thing was I got to go with mom and Nana Kathy to a dog show over in Moses Lake after that.  I was too young to go in the ring, but I got thotelo see some of the most amazing dog species in the world.  Did you know they come in this big, 150lb, hairy variety.  It was sort of intimidating, but I prevailed, got lots of cool treats and had my first hotel experience.  Mom said I was good as gold.  Slept all night in my crate and never even barked at the noisy partiers that passed the door around 1:30AM.  That was probably from the hyper vigilance all day at the show – making sure I didn’t get stepped on by something way bigger than me.  Well the preparations continue for my first official show in May.  If you don’t have anything better to do, come watch us at the Lynden show May 20-23.  I actually had my last remaining baby tooth pulled a couple of days ago – it wasn’t going to come out on it’s own.

Well, I gotta run cause it’s dinner time.
See you later,