So You Want To Be A Show Dog

Hey, Ruger here.

Have you ever wondered about those dogs that prance around at the Westminster Dog show?  Apparently it’s a big deal to be a show dog.  Little did I know what I was in fruger-clippersor when we went forward with this.  First of all there is the grooming.  That’s what happens when you are born into an entire household of girls.  You get stuck with the pink clippers.  If the shaving of neck, paw and ear hair isn’t enough, there’s the bath that follows.  Stuck in a deep sink with nobody to pull yoruger-tubu out and have loads of water and froo froo soap poured on your beautiful manly fur.  You would think this look would get a small defenseless pup out of this predicament – it doesn’t work.

The hair dryer is the worst.  It’s like being stuck in the turbine testing hanger over at Whidbey Island Naval Air Station.  I tried to hide in the corner on a pile of dog towels, but mom found me.  Oh well.

The cool thing was I got to go with mom and Nana Kathy to a dog show over in Moses Lake after that.  I was too young to go in the ring, but I got thotelo see some of the most amazing dog species in the world.  Did you know they come in this big, 150lb, hairy variety.  It was sort of intimidating, but I prevailed, got lots of cool treats and had my first hotel experience.  Mom said I was good as gold.  Slept all night in my crate and never even barked at the noisy partiers that passed the door around 1:30AM.  That was probably from the hyper vigilance all day at the show – making sure I didn’t get stepped on by something way bigger than me.  Well the preparations continue for my first official show in May.  If you don’t have anything better to do, come watch us at the Lynden show May 20-23.  I actually had my last remaining baby tooth pulled a couple of days ago – it wasn’t going to come out on it’s own.

Well, I gotta run cause it’s dinner time.
See you later,


When The Chips Are Down

Hey there, Ruger here.  A few weeks ago when mom said we were going for a chip, I figured she meant the crispy tasty kind that comes in a bag.  You know the kind I mean.  They crunch when you bite them and are fried in delicious oils.  Sometimes they even come in flavors like cheese or barbecue.  Mom loaded me, and granny Mitzi into theAHBTS car for our chip adventure.  I stayed really quiet in my crate, in order to make sure I would get as many chips as possible when the time came.  Big surprise, this place has no chips, at least not the kind I was looking forward to.

This is The Animal Hospital By The Sea in Langley, WA.  It looked super nice on the outside and I figured “what a cool place to get chips.”  The front room has all these shiney windows and comfy sofa seats.  All the people were so friendly.  That is until this happened.  Yup, that’s right, they put this weird thiYikesng on my nose.  It was for my own safety, so I wouldn’t jump around and it worked beautifully.  Then nice Dr. Jean took out this large syringe and needle.  Again, you know the kind.  The giant ones they use in all the Frankenstein monster and psycho people movies.  The “installation” went fine, but I’m still a bit put out that there were no chips of the eating variety – there was an obligatory cookie after so I took two.  The cool thing now is that if I ever get lost, that chip will help people get me back to my home, so I guess it’s all good.

Well, it’s about dinner time and I’ve been holding the sofa down all day so I’m super hungry.
See you later,




October Surprise

Ruger-FaceSMHey, Ruger here.  It all started October 20th, 2015 in the back of an SUV.  Yup, that’s right I was born in the back of an SUV.  Mom and her friend Cathy delivered all 5 of us in the back of Cathy’s car in the parking lot at the vet’s.  Good thing too, because Rose (my dog mommy) needed some calcium and other stuff to help us come out.  We took forever, but it was worth it – or so I’m told.  If you look at the top of the page, that one with the orange ribbon – that’s me.  As you can see, I did most of the eating and was a moose by 5 weeks.  From left to right are Bailey, Augie, Autumn and Dash.  You can see more pictures of us here and feel free to follow my brother Dash’s blog here.  He’s on a trip to Arizona right now with his family.  Augie lives in Black Diamond, Bailey lives in West Seattle and Autumn lives in Charlo, MT.  Autumn will be coming back for a visit next month and will hang out for a bit as we train to be show dogs.  Well I have to run.  As you can see, I’m super busy helping mom with this post.


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Fun & Frolic – August 4, 2009

This is Cedar here and it’s my first post since taking over the blog for Dasher. He’s loving his new home with his uncle Fred and his friend Ginger. Dasher and Fred came to stay at Island house for about 10 days last month while Auntie Tamara and Uncle Kevin went on vacation. We had loads of fun and we missed them when they went home. Dasher says when Kevin introduces him to their friends he says “This is Ginger, this is Fred and this is Fred’s dog Dasher.” Mom about wet her pants laughing when she heard that. But it’s probably true – those boys wrestle and chew toys all day long. Now Auntie Tamara has to pick up the fluffy guts from the toys that Dasher disembowels.

Leisl’s puppies are just over 7 weeks old and have had their shots. That’s the fun part because now they are allowed to go play outside and have visitors. Dolly, Elektra and I babysit for them when they are outside. They usually mob me right away and then we run around and play chase.
They love to wrestle and bite and often beat up on Dolly and I but it’s all good fun. We love to take care of them and make sure they stay clean, which can be a real challenge as they move fast and run through everything, even poo.

Nana Kathy is away for a bit, so mom is babysitting for her doggies. They miss her lots and so do we, especially Kate. She misses Nana bringing in the dog laundry in the morning with a few kibbles tucked inside. We all hunt through the blankets like we’re tracking bunnies, looking for any stray piece of food that got left behind. Nana had to run to Montana and drop little Maggie off at the Tekelwood farm and then is off to visit family in Utah. We’re getting part of a cow in September – well just the meat and chew bones – so here’s a picture of Dinner Bell.

Stay cool amigos,


New Beginnnings – July 13, 2009

Well, I’ve spent some time off and on at my Uncle Fred’s place and have decided it beats living with a bunch of girls. We wrestle all the time and get rowdy. Auntie Tamara said I could come live there so I’ve decided to take her up on it. She took us to the local Earthdog trial this last Saturday and this is us after. Fred worked real hard to race in to the hole then breathed on the rats, fiercely. My granny Mitzi used to do that, but now she barks like the judges want, and had 2 legs of her Master level finished. As for me, I chickened out at the entrance. I’m just not sure I’m ready to go into that dark hole – unless there’s liver or cheese at the end. The rats are just not enough of an enticement yet, but maybe later. My mommy dog, Elektra hasn’t tried it yet, but she does bark at birds bunnies and kites.

Marti and Tessa were here for a few days and they had fun in the wild winds of Whidbey, flying the kites and watching Elektra and Cedar chase them. They couldn’t figure out what their facination was with the whizzing bits of cloth, but Elektra wanted to kill them every time they hit the ground. Maybe it was the spinning tails or just the whirring and flapping noise that they made. Either way, she injured Marti’s kite and it had to have a quick duct tape repair before setting aloft again.

Momma Terri, Daddy Mike and the Sahlin’s spent this last Saturday paying their respects at the traveling wall up in Bellingham. No, they aren’t joining a biker gang. This was the group of motorized patriots and veterans, that met at the rest stop north of Bowe Edison and rode as a memorial group up to the park in Bellingham for a ceramony and an hororary slaute ride past the wall and the 4 mounted pannels that held dog tags commemorating those lost in the current Iraqi conflict.
Iraqi Conflict dogtags commemorating Operation Enduring Freedom.

Waiting to pay our repsects to the memorials and the fallen heros they represent.

Making the ride.

Whatever your politics, mom thinks we should put it aside and remember that heros are fighting in a foreign country, away from their families, so we can keep our freedoms and to defend those of others. We strive to always remember them.

Since I’m hanging with Fred and Ginger now at Auntie Tamara and Uncle Kevin’s, Cedar will be taking over the Diary. I’ll still keep her posted on what I do and visit island house when I can. In the mean time, have an awesome summer.


Easter Basket – April 14, 2009

This post is very late, because mom’s been busy and I’m down in Bellevue with dad, so I couldn’t remind her. Anyway, I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. We didn’t have an egg hunt, the weather was too ugly up on the island. Mom wanted to dye the puppies pastel colors before putting them in the basket, but Nana Kathy said “No way!” She tried to colorize them in her photo software, but it wasn’t the same and in the end, they settled for this. It is cute though. I’m sure you’re wondering where the other three are – mom couldn’t get eight in the basket. This is Connor, Houdini, Abby, Bunny and Maggie. It took about 50 shots, to get this one – they wiggle around so. The whole litter are over achievers. They have already started trying to walk and sit up and they are drinking goat’s milk out of a bowl already. Mom didn’t let me have that stuff until I was 5 weeks old and these guys are only 3 weeks today. Sheesh, some people’s children. Oh well, I’ll try to tell you all about my adventures with dad when I get back. He’s taking me to a field trial this weekend. Hope I see some bunnies.


Photo Shoot – April 1, 2009

The weather is really crappy. It’s your typical Seattle area spring – rain, rain and more rain. The down side is, we’re stuck inside. I could go out in the yard, but why, it’s mostly mud right now and mom would just make me wipe my feet when I come in. I hate it when she wipes my feet.

Mom snuck out to Nana Kathy’s tailer this morning and snagged a picture of the new babies. They were a week old yesterday, and mom and Nana are obsessed with their weight. You’d think they were ballet dancers or wrestlers or something. Anyway, I guess they’re all getting enough to eat because everybody has put on a few ounces since they were born – even the smallest guy, Houdini.

Mom and Nana decided today would be a good day to photograph everyone, so of course we were all relegated to the kitchen behind the x-pen. Elektra and Ganny Mitzi are obsessed with the babies and all they want to do is clean them – go figure. Anyway, we watched while this little sqirmers got their first portraits done. It was quite the production. I felt like we were hanging out at some photo shoot for a magazine or something.

Mom thought you would all like to get a good look, so here they are in the order of their birth – Connor, Mirage, Abby, Bunny, Preston, Maggie, Trixie and Houdini (Harry). I’ll try to keep you updated as they grow. Hopefully it won’t be too long before they’re running around. Maybe they can help me beat up Cedar and Dolly.











Island Life – March 29, 2009

This was the crew on moving day. We finally moved up to island house permanently the first week of February after mom got laid off from her job. There was no reason for her to stay in Bellevue, so up we went. She and dad spent 3 days with a moving truck running back and forth and we were stuck “behind bars” so they could leave the doors open to move the couches and stuff in and out. All in all, it wasn’t a bad experience and now we get to hang out in the country. The coolest thing, is the quiet and lack of city lights. Mom says it’s darker than the inside of her head, but it makes for a wonderful view of the heavens. The whole milky way is sprayed across the sky, like paint splatters on black velvet and the frogs sing to us every night.

We have a new computer room too, with a view of the pond. There’s plenty of room under the desks for our special dog bed and Cedar even gets special treatment sometimes. Nana Kathy lets her sit on her desk in a tiny bed and covers her with a blanket.

Watching the weather come in over the Straits of Juan de Fuca has become a wonderful novelty. The cloud formations are so awesome and make some of the most interesting shapes and colors across the canvas outside the windows. Winter keeps cropping up whenever it feels the urge, and though today is sunny and bright, the pond looked like this just 2 weeks ago. It makes life exciting and different. Mom says, “It sure beats sitting in traffic on 148th.” Whatever that is.

Despite the peacefulness of island house, we have had some excitement in the last week. This is Maddie. She’s very pregnant in this picture and, like all of us, loves to sit in the sun and bake on the cement of the car port.

This last Tuesday, she went in to labor and gave birth to eight puppies. Mom and Nana Kathy helped her of course and she had the job done in just over three hours. The rest of us were stuck “behind bars” in the kitchen, but it was better that way. I didn’t want to see that yuky stuff anyway. Elektra was all worked up, she kept wanting to lick the puppies and help keep them warm. I don’t see what the big deal is, they’re too little to play with anyway. There were five girls and three boys – six creams and two black and cream. The puppies have all gained weight and are very healthy. I can hardly wait until they’re about 5 weeks old and big enough to chase around the yard.

Well, we gotta go and unload some stuff off the trailer. Mom made a trip down to Bellevue yesterday to bring back the washer and dryer. I’ll leave you with another wonderful Whidbey sunset.