Dog Shows And Earthdog Testing

Hey, Ruger here.  The last 11 days have been sort of crazy.  It all started out with my first dog show.  I won my class 2 out of 4 days so not too bad.  By day 4 I’d had enough and our ring time wasn’t until 2:30PM so I was very naughty – my half-brother Baron won the other 2 days.  For those of you that think dog shows are exciting and glamorous, think again.  I did a bunch of this:


And then some more of this:

ruger-crate2.1And then finally I got into the ring where we strutted our stuff.  That was fun, along with the treats, but then I got placed on the table where the judge not only looks at your teeth, but takes a feel of your tender manhood – that was less fun.  I met some interesting other breeds too.

wolfhound        G-pyreneesDon’t you wonder what these guys are thinking?  My wolfhound friend was actually kind of fun – we sniffed one another a bit – but that Great Pyrenees didn’t have much to say when we walked by his grooming area.

Dad had Elektra and Cedar up at an Earthdog test and they both got one pass each at the Senior level on the first day.  That was pretty cool, right?  So back home and it’s pretty much business as usual – mom and Rosie trained for the #Pawz5K and I got busy in the bathroom.  In my defense, I was unsupervised as mom was in the shower and dad wasn’t home.  There is nothing more fun than grabbing the end of that roll and trolling it out to a perfect length for shredding.  Mom said it was a pretty good job, but I have it on good authority that my dog mom, Rose, made it all the way down the hallway and out into the living room before anyone caught her.


Dad did some impromptu pedicures during the week.  I had mine done last week, but you never know when you might be “the chosen one.”  Granny Mitzi never behaves well, so she gets the sock treatment.  At least they used a purple sock on her head – she likes purple.  But I was ever vigilant here hoping I wouldn’t be next.  Purple isn’t really my color.mitzi-sock

So Memorial Day weekend – that special time when we revere and remember those who have paid the ultimate price.  Before attending a special service at Bayview Cemetery, mom & dad took Cedar and Elektra to Hathor Farm for another earthdog test.  Auntie Elektra powered through the weekend, finishing her Senior title and nailing a Master pass as well.  She was totally on fire – at least that’s what mom said.  Here she is with dad and uncle Jerry who judged her class.


Now here we are on Monday, mom gets us up at the ungodly hour of 5:30 so she and Rose can make it down to the #Pawz5K.  I guess they did alright in spite of mom’s injury, but I got stuck at home again doing this:

While mom and Rose did this:


Needless to say, I got even with this guy.  Auntie Elektra had already disemboweled him years ago, but the little bugger kept staring at me so I had to do something about it.  Mom’s worried about where the eyes went as she didn’t find them in the house, but it will be alright in the end.


Later dudes, it’s dinner time.