It was a rough week here at Cedarcroft pond – Aunt Lilly went to the Rainbow Bridge. lillydeck It’s a strange thing to lose a member of your pack.  Some of us searched for her about the house, some of us got a bit wigged out because the pecking order just had a big change.  It was hard for me, but not as bad as it was for Granny Mitzi and Auntie Elektra.  I hadn’t spent as much time with Lilly, and besides she would sometimes growl at me if I ran over her or jumped on the the cubby when she was inside.  The toughest thing is that mom and dad have been really sad, but they have worked super hard to keep our routine.  Feeding time is the weirdest, but mom has maintained the same feeding order as before which has helped Autie Elektra adjust better to the loss.  We are glad mom and dad are so patient and have given us a bit more smoochies and pats – we like that part.

We miss you Lilly and know we will see you again,

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