Flying High

You will notice as we go along here that I am conspicuously absent from this post.  Mom and dad went to the open house at Whidbey Naval Air Station and I stayed at home.  Mostly it was because of the heat of the day and security on the flight line – but they did share the pictures with me.

Mostly they went to see this big guy – the new P8 that will be flying over our house regular by October.


Here’s dad standing in front of the engine.  Way huge right?  They got to go on board and chat with the flight crew.  Very cool.


They got to watch a helicopter rescue demonstration that started with all kinds of pink smoke, followed by a really brave sailor coming down from the helicopter, hooking up the guy on the ground and then flying off with both of them.  What a fun ride.



Next they met this cool guy.  I was a bit jealous that Cicero (here with his handler) was allowed to attend.  But he works there – yup he has the coolest job in the world.  He’s a guard dog, trained to take down terrorists and bad guys.  He practices on another sailor dressed up like a giant squeaky toy and stops him from doing something bad.




Mom and dad loved the dog demonstration then took a quick view of the evil looking growlers.  Intimidating, right?


The only other dog allowed at the open house was this guy.  He didn’t have much to say but he looks sort of familiar.


Well, I had my first big dog haircut over the weekend in preparation for our specialty dog show coming up on July 2-3.  If you happen to be in Olympia, WA we will be showing on the back lawn of the Red Lion.  It will be all Dachshunds all the time.

Later dudes,



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