“Let’s Do This”

Hey, Ruger here.  Last week mom decided she needed to finish painting the walls in the studio.  Apparentlypainting1ly the office is going to move out there, so no more working from the recliner.  Not sure if I like that yet.  Anyway, I told mom I would be happy to help.  I thought it was going to be so exciting.  Wandering about the room checking out the paint smells, elicited an anxious response.  Mom kept yelling to keep my tail away from the wet paint on the walls.  But in my defense, my tail hair isn’t that long and it’s almost the same color as the paint.  Anyway, I tried various locations in the spainting2tudio, to make sure I was in the best place to assist should mom need it.  This didn’t seem to be the right place.  I heard a rumor that it was bad luck to be under a ladder, but this worked out really well for me.  Nobody ever stepped on me and it was only an issue when the ladder had to be moved.  It was a hot day and the plastic on the floor was actually very cooling.  Don’t let anyone tell you painting is fun.  My mommy dog, Rose got bored way before I did.  She finally gave up and parked on the rug outside the door at the top of the ramp.  Made it hard for everyone else to get in and out, but mom thought that was alright as it kept the studio from getting too crowded.  In the end I decided to park under the scaffolding.

painting4        painting3





Well, gotta run it’s dinner time.  See ya.


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