Fun & Frolic – August 4, 2009

This is Cedar here and it’s my first post since taking over the blog for Dasher. He’s loving his new home with his uncle Fred and his friend Ginger. Dasher and Fred came to stay at Island house for about 10 days last month while Auntie Tamara and Uncle Kevin went on vacation. We had loads of fun and we missed them when they went home. Dasher says when Kevin introduces him to their friends he says “This is Ginger, this is Fred and this is Fred’s dog Dasher.” Mom about wet her pants laughing when she heard that. But it’s probably true – those boys wrestle and chew toys all day long. Now Auntie Tamara has to pick up the fluffy guts from the toys that Dasher disembowels.

Leisl’s puppies are just over 7 weeks old and have had their shots. That’s the fun part because now they are allowed to go play outside and have visitors. Dolly, Elektra and I babysit for them when they are outside. They usually mob me right away and then we run around and play chase.
They love to wrestle and bite and often beat up on Dolly and I but it’s all good fun. We love to take care of them and make sure they stay clean, which can be a real challenge as they move fast and run through everything, even poo.

Nana Kathy is away for a bit, so mom is babysitting for her doggies. They miss her lots and so do we, especially Kate. She misses Nana bringing in the dog laundry in the morning with a few kibbles tucked inside. We all hunt through the blankets like we’re tracking bunnies, looking for any stray piece of food that got left behind. Nana had to run to Montana and drop little Maggie off at the Tekelwood farm and then is off to visit family in Utah. We’re getting part of a cow in September – well just the meat and chew bones – so here’s a picture of Dinner Bell.

Stay cool amigos,


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