New Beginnnings – July 13, 2009

Well, I’ve spent some time off and on at my Uncle Fred’s place and have decided it beats living with a bunch of girls. We wrestle all the time and get rowdy. Auntie Tamara said I could come live there so I’ve decided to take her up on it. She took us to the local Earthdog trial this last Saturday and this is us after. Fred worked real hard to race in to the hole then breathed on the rats, fiercely. My granny Mitzi used to do that, but now she barks like the judges want, and had 2 legs of her Master level finished. As for me, I chickened out at the entrance. I’m just not sure I’m ready to go into that dark hole – unless there’s liver or cheese at the end. The rats are just not enough of an enticement yet, but maybe later. My mommy dog, Elektra hasn’t tried it yet, but she does bark at birds bunnies and kites.

Marti and Tessa were here for a few days and they had fun in the wild winds of Whidbey, flying the kites and watching Elektra and Cedar chase them. They couldn’t figure out what their facination was with the whizzing bits of cloth, but Elektra wanted to kill them every time they hit the ground. Maybe it was the spinning tails or just the whirring and flapping noise that they made. Either way, she injured Marti’s kite and it had to have a quick duct tape repair before setting aloft again.

Momma Terri, Daddy Mike and the Sahlin’s spent this last Saturday paying their respects at the traveling wall up in Bellingham. No, they aren’t joining a biker gang. This was the group of motorized patriots and veterans, that met at the rest stop north of Bowe Edison and rode as a memorial group up to the park in Bellingham for a ceramony and an hororary slaute ride past the wall and the 4 mounted pannels that held dog tags commemorating those lost in the current Iraqi conflict.
Iraqi Conflict dogtags commemorating Operation Enduring Freedom.

Waiting to pay our repsects to the memorials and the fallen heros they represent.

Making the ride.

Whatever your politics, mom thinks we should put it aside and remember that heros are fighting in a foreign country, away from their families, so we can keep our freedoms and to defend those of others. We strive to always remember them.

Since I’m hanging with Fred and Ginger now at Auntie Tamara and Uncle Kevin’s, Cedar will be taking over the Diary. I’ll still keep her posted on what I do and visit island house when I can. In the mean time, have an awesome summer.


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