Easter Basket – April 14, 2009

This post is very late, because mom’s been busy and I’m down in Bellevue with dad, so I couldn’t remind her. Anyway, I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. We didn’t have an egg hunt, the weather was too ugly up on the island. Mom wanted to dye the puppies pastel colors before putting them in the basket, but Nana Kathy said “No way!” She tried to colorize them in her photo software, but it wasn’t the same and in the end, they settled for this. It is cute though. I’m sure you’re wondering where the other three are – mom couldn’t get eight in the basket. This is Connor, Houdini, Abby, Bunny and Maggie. It took about 50 shots, to get this one – they wiggle around so. The whole litter are over achievers. They have already started trying to walk and sit up and they are drinking goat’s milk out of a bowl already. Mom didn’t let me have that stuff until I was 5 weeks old and these guys are only 3 weeks today. Sheesh, some people’s children. Oh well, I’ll try to tell you all about my adventures with dad when I get back. He’s taking me to a field trial this weekend. Hope I see some bunnies.


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