Photo Shoot – April 1, 2009

The weather is really crappy. It’s your typical Seattle area spring – rain, rain and more rain. The down side is, we’re stuck inside. I could go out in the yard, but why, it’s mostly mud right now and mom would just make me wipe my feet when I come in. I hate it when she wipes my feet.

Mom snuck out to Nana Kathy’s tailer this morning and snagged a picture of the new babies. They were a week old yesterday, and mom and Nana are obsessed with their weight. You’d think they were ballet dancers or wrestlers or something. Anyway, I guess they’re all getting enough to eat because everybody has put on a few ounces since they were born – even the smallest guy, Houdini.

Mom and Nana decided today would be a good day to photograph everyone, so of course we were all relegated to the kitchen behind the x-pen. Elektra and Ganny Mitzi are obsessed with the babies and all they want to do is clean them – go figure. Anyway, we watched while this little sqirmers got their first portraits done. It was quite the production. I felt like we were hanging out at some photo shoot for a magazine or something.

Mom thought you would all like to get a good look, so here they are in the order of their birth – Connor, Mirage, Abby, Bunny, Preston, Maggie, Trixie and Houdini (Harry). I’ll try to keep you updated as they grow. Hopefully it won’t be too long before they’re running around. Maybe they can help me beat up Cedar and Dolly.











One thought on “Photo Shoot – April 1, 2009

  1. Congratulations! I can’t believe that girl had 8 puppies!!! They are so cute. Cody says hello to Elektra and hopes that someday they can hang out again 🙂 We just had litter 2 today! Yay for puppies 🙂


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