Another Island Weekend – November 1, 2008

Well Kate and I wanted to make sure we didn’t get left behind, so we sat on the pillows and crates waiting for mom to load them in the car. We sure love our island weekends, even if they are way too short. Mom and dad ordered a new dog door and made a new area for us just off the car port so we can be out of the rain and have a bigger area to play with our friends, like Dolly here. Mom loves to give her raspberries on her belly and we run and play all day long, inside and outside. She’s almost a part of our family it seems, we are sad when she has to go home.

We have a new flock of ducks that are making the pond their home. Mom loves ducks so she won’t let us chase them like we did the geese. They don’t make as big of a mess in the field and they never come up by the house. The rains have started and we are hoping the pond will fill up more now, it has dropped almost four feet since we bought this new place and I’m worried about the fish. Mom says it’s plenty deep in the middle, but you never know.

The quiet is so peaceful and we had a wonderful visitor this weekend. Our neighbors, two properties to the west, have a nesting eagle, and he (she) stopped in to check out the fishing. Mom got some great pictures. He just landed with his feet in the water at the edge of the pond and surveyed the quiet surface – just waiting for anything to jump. Nothing did. I think our fish are too smart. But he sat there for quite a while, then quietly lifted off the waters edge and flew around the field, checking for mice. The resident hawks chased him away, but it was fun to watch him hunt. My ophthalmologist says they have such good eyesight because they have two maculas. That’s the area of the interior eye where the optic nerve comes through. I wonder if they have two of those as well. Hmm. I’ll have to ask.

Well, I will leave you with another wonderful island sunset. We sure love to sit on the deck and watch old Sol go down. I’m actually staying with my uncle Fred this week, since Elektra’s in season. She is my dog mom after all. I’ll update you when I get back.


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