October 23, 2008 – My First Swim

You read it right, I took my first swim. I don’t know what I was thinking. Dad took us all out in a boat on the pond for the first time. Elektra didn’t like it, so dad had to drop her and mom off at the dock. I guess I was just trying to get to them or something. I’m a puppy and sometimes I don’t know why I do things, I just do. It wasn’t that bad, but it sure was a surprise. It’s a good thing it was a sunny day.

We came up a couple weeks ago to work on the dirt and mom was so excited because the geese are gone. No more goose poo on the carport or the yard. They were fun to chase though and I sort of miss their squawking. Apparently uncle Bert just told a bunch of people and they decided to come collect their Christmas goose early. Anyway, the Canada goose is still there, all alone, but who knows how long he will stay.

We had this cool looking crane stop in on Saturday morning, but dad was glad he didn’t stay too long. I guess he likes fish in a big way, so it would have messed up our fishing time if he had eaten too many of them. There were loads of red wing blackbirds as well, flitting about in the reeds and playing tag with one another. The ducks are still in residence as well, and mom is glad about that. She has a special place in her heart for ducks, but don’t ask me why. They don’t fetch and you can’t pet them.

I was really cold when we woke up in the mornings and we all wore coats. Mom had a bunch specially made for us by Designer Doggie Wear in Kirkland. I don’t have one yet, but I think I will soon, the weather is starting to get nippy.

Friday and Saturday were “dirt days”. First the grader guy came in and made everything flat and even. Then uncle Ber came over the top of it and used his rock picker to get a bunch of the rocks up. You ought to see the piles he made all over the place. If you want rocks, feel free to come by island house and get them. We have lots.

After the grading and rock picking, dad and Tim went around with the push seeder and seeded the whole thing. This was followed by ripping apart hay bales and tossing hay over the top to keep the seed on the ground and help keep it moist. We are going back up there tonight so it will be interesting to see if any of the little grass has sprouted. It was about 2 acres when all was said and done. Mom and dad were sore all week after.

The whole weekend was topped off by my leap into the pond and aunt Lilly jumping out of the boat with her leash on. Of course she ran for the blackberry brambles where all the bunnies hang out so that she could get them.
Unfortunately all she did was chase them out, then got caught in the bramble. It took mom and dad an hour to cut her out, beating with sticks and using the big weed eater. Dad broke the line and the plastic blades before the job was all done. In spite of the cut on her tail, she wanted to go back in after the bunnies as soon as they got her out. I don’t get it, it’s all pickery in there. Mom was all scratched up too, from climbing in after her. Then there was the combing and shaving part to get the pickers out of Lilly’s fur. She hates to be groomed, but I bet it won’t stop her from trying to go back in there.

Well, I gotta run. We have a little more house cleaning to do in Bellevue house before we can leave. I’ll just leave you with a great picture of Mount Baker. Snow has already fallen for this year. Looks like the skiers will have a great time.

See ya,


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