July 27, 2008 – An Island Weekend

Well, mom’s way behind in writing for me again. You just can’t get good help these days. Last week we left on Thursday after the humans got home from work, and headed up to our “Island House” on Whidbey. We are really starting to like it there and hope our Bellevue house sells soon so we can be there all the time. We had gotten as far as the “Res”, where dad stopped for gas. Mom looked out her window and screamed, “Oh my God!” Then ran off with her camera.

I guess the “Man In The Moon” was making his arrival ever present, with an awesome show over the Cascade mountains. She took way too many pictures. Dad kept telling her to stop and get back in the car but she said, “I can’t. Look at the light, it just keeps changing.” Anyway here are a few shots for you to look at as it rose in it’s pinky-golden light above the peaks.

Too bad it was getting dark or the detail would have been better. As it was, mom was using the telephoto and a slower shutter speed to capture this event. By the time we got to the house, it was pretty much pitch black, but mom wanted to see if she could take some pictures down by the pond. They were neat, but it was so dark that the moon detail was non-existent, but the clouds looked way cool and she even got some lens flare from the moon light.

The next morning a flock of geese decided to wake everyone up at the crack of dawn. We all started barking when we heard them, which didn’t help the mood in the house. I think it was only about 5:00 and we hadn’t gotten to bed until after 11:00.

But these are pretty fun creatures to watch. They nest in the fields at night and during the day (wish mom would let us chase them) and then come down to the pond in the early morning and at dusk to swim and eat bugs. We couldn’t quite figure out why there was a Canada goose with this bunch, but I guess geese don’t discriminate, so there you go. Too bad humans aren’t more like them.

Our friends Marti and Tessa came along too, so that was lots of fun. Tessa spoiled Cedar a ton, I don’t think her feet touched the ground much all weekend. Marti makes a great fouton and let us pile with her on the couch when we were just hanging out and doing nothing – which wasn’t very
much of the time.

Dad put a new dog door in the front and we ran in and out all weekend watching Marti mow the lawn – she loves the riding mower and it’s good training for when she gets a car. Dad says he’s glad he doesn’t have to teach her to drive. I can’t believe how fast she could get the mower going – she had it on the rabbit setting I’m sure. Dad and our friend uncle Mike built a brand new display box for picture taking at the Dachshund specialty on August 15th. I hope I do well enough in the show to get my picture taken on it.

The other thing we did was go fishing. The mosquitos were not nice, but we managed. Mom caught a small blue gill, but she threw it back as it was too small to eat. We all went for a walk around the pond on Sunday before we left and my dog mom, Elektra fell in. Luckily Marty was quick to pull her out. She didn’t get too wet and didn’t even smell bad afterwards. Well, it’s dinner time, so I gotta run.

See you later,


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