My First Show – July 1, 2008

Well, here I am at my first ever AKC show this past weekend. As you can see, I was a bit nervous about the strange man checking out my butt. I guess they want to make sure you have all your “boy parts” for use later on – whatever that means. It was way hot and we laid around in our cages under the awning to stay cool in between classes. I got a 3rd place on Saturday and a 2nd place on Sunday.

Here’s my uncle Fred with Marti – he beat me and got Winner’s Dog on Saturday, getting his first points toward his championship. Mom and auntie Tamara were so excited they cried. On Sunday, my uncle BJ won the class so at least we are keeping it all in the family. BJ is my daddy dog’s brother and lives with Nana Kathy an Papa Mike in Lynnwood.

The best part was staying at our soon to be, new home out on Whidbey Island. Mom and dad bought 15 acres for us to run and hunt on. It has a huge 3 acre pond with fish and everything. There’s an older modular home there, but we will be building a new house on this spot with a great view of the pond and the Olympic mountains. There’s lots of bunnies to track too.

When we got home we all ran in the big yard then came inside and passed out on the couch. So did mom and dad come to think of it.

Well, gotta run. We’re going up to Whidbey again for the 4th of July and I have lots of napping to do before we go – I never get much of that done up there. It’s way too exciting.



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