Show Time – June 13, 2008

Well it’s been a fun couple of weeks. Last weekend, my uncle Fred and my aunt Kaitlyn were at the Puyallup dog show. Our friend Marti was doing the showing and I got to go along to watch how it’s done and get lots of treats. Here’s Marti with Fred – they got Reserve Winners in the Bred By Exhibitor class.

Just today, they took me, Elektra (my dog mom), and granny Mitzi to the Sirius Dog Festival in Seattle. There was a fun match there, just like a show but it’s really just practice for the real thing. It was my turn today, and since I’m still not 6 months old until Thursday, mom showed me in the under age puppy class. I guess the judges liked me because I got first in my class, Best of Breed and first place in the Hound group for puppies. Here’s me with mom, my friend Tessa and all the toys I got. The best part was the treats though.

Well, I’m going to cut this short because I’ve been up all day and missed my naps.

See ya,


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