Tally Ho! – June 2, 2008

This last weekend, mom and dad loaded us all up in the RV and we sat in the window watching big trucks and cars go by for 3 hours on the way to Castle Rock. It was a long trip, but I liked it.

“It’s All About The Bunny” or at least, that’s what I’m told. I attended my first field trial this last weekend. It’s actually interesting to watch grown adults wander around with sticks, whack the bushes and shout “Tally Ho” at the top of their lungs. That means they’ve sited a rabbit, BTW. Then the person who saw it, tells the judges where it went and they bring up two dogs that track the bunny off leash. The dog that stays truest to the line is the winner of that brace. It takes awhile to do a whole group of dogs so I got to experience nature and eat bunny poop.

This is what mom got to look at as we walked along.

This is what I saw, but it was OK.

My Auntie Lilly got second place in the Field Champion class and cousin Kaitlyn got 4th in the girl’s class. We all got really dirty and had lots of fun. Some day I hope to be a hunter too.

Oh, speaking of Hunter, he finally went to his forever home with our friends Amy and Greg in Redmond. He’s really happy there.

Well, I gotta cut this short, because mom’s calling us for dinner and I never skip a meal.



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