May 16, 2008

It’s been a bit since I posted. We went to an Earthdog test a couple weeks ago and my granny Mitzi earned her Senior Earthdog Title.

For those of you who don’t know what that is I’ll tell you. Dachshunds were basically bred to “go to ground” after badgers. I know they’re bigger, but we don’t know we’re smaller, so there you are. The Dachshund chases the badger into his tunnel, corners him and barks loudly (that’s the fun part) until the dog’s owner digs him (and the badger) up. Earthdog is the closest approximation to that. The test consists of a 30 foot tunnel, with two 90 degree bends, that is 10 inches or so underground. The dog is timed as he navigates the tunnel, and finds the end where there are rats in a cage, behind thick dowels. We bark at the rats or dig for a specified amount of time depending on the level. There are thee levels in Earthdog – Junior, Senior and Master. You can learn more from my friends at the Puget Sound Earthdog Club

My aunt Lilly is a Master, but she’d really rather track bunnies.

My cousin Archer went to his new home yesterday and has a new friend, Roscoe, that he hangs out with. So here’s Hunter all by himself -we play as much as possible. He hopes to find a new home soon though.

Hey, the sun’s out! Perfect time to bask on the deck with the pack. See ya later.



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